Lots of Produce & Flowers = Lots of Fun!

A visit to the butterfly Bio-Villa is EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING for the entire family. Children, parents, teachers, scouts and senior citizens all enjoy the awe-inspiring experience of walking among living butterflies in a natural garden. At the Butterfly Bio-Villa, you can get "eye-to-eye with a butterfly" and observe these marvelous animals close-up as they fly around the exhibit, feeding on nectar from garden flowers. You may catch a glimpse of the butterflies as they emerge from their chrysalis, completing the final transformation, of their metamorphosis from egg, to larva (the caterpillar), to pupa (the chrysalis) and finally to the adult butterfly.

Visiting the Butterfly Bio-Villa is a wonderful way to bring biology curriculum to life and create curiosity in the plant and insect world. We would like your visit to the Pendleton's Farm to be a wonderful learning experience that meets the needs and interests of yourt students.

For adult groups, the Butterfly Bio-Villa offers a relaxing day trip. Watching butterflies is therapy akin to watching colorful tropical fish in an aquarium. Be sure to ask about neighboring farms and wineries that could complete a fun day trip in the country.

Butterflies are complicated creatures. Like many insects, they undergo a complete metamorphosis. This means that they start out in one form and change into a completely different creature byu the time they are fully developed.

Learn how the butterfly progresses from egg, to caterpillar, to chrisalis, to gorgeous winged creature, all in the course of a few weeks. Our farm is a certified Monarch Waystation, and we work closely with the Monarch Watch organization, located here in Lawrence, KS.

Learn about the migration habits of Monarch Butterflies, and help researchers by tagging butterflies during the migration season. You also learn about what the caterpillars eat to grow and how butterflies need specific plants for feeding.

Open August - Frost
Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sundays starting in September Noon - 5pm

Call (785) 843-1409 to book your group.

$3 Per Person
$4 Per Person for groups (includes program)

Ages 2 and under are FREE with an adult!