Fall School Trips

Fall is one of the best times to bring groups out to Pendleton's Country Market. Activities could include our Butterfly Bio-Villa, our pumpkin patch or picking some produce (limit of 1 group at a time for these events)

The Butterfly Bio-Villa is Open from August 1st – mid-October. Since the Bio-Villa is not a greenhouse with artificial heat, October dates are always somewhat tentative. Group tours are available 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. on Mondays – Fridays ONLY. The Bio-Villa is open for the general public for self-guided tours throughout the week and weekends. Price: $4.00 per person – including adults and siblings – which are both selcome! (Children 2 and under are FREE). Teachers are given a free admission.

The Pumpkin Patch is open from the last weekend in September to Halloween. Price: $4.00 per child, and each child receives a pumpkin. If you are planning your trip at a time that could include the Pumpkin Patch and Butterfly Bio-Villa, the cost for the two events is $6 per student (including a pumpkin), and $4 per adults that receives no pumpkin.

Right Hand Turn Maze and Play Area

Included in each group's visit at no additional charge is our Right Hand Turn Maze. This is a real mind teaser, fun for young and old alike. Our play area also includes a fun “Corn Bath”, Look Out Tower, Bike Track, Water Pumping Race, and other fun games.

Let’s Do Lunch!

We offer a covered lunch area to groups that would like to bring their lunch and eat at our farm. When calling to schedule your group’s visit, please let us know if you would like to “do lunch” at our farm.

Rain Dates

Rain dates may be scheduled BUT are not guaranteed. This is why we ask for your teachers’ home/cell phone numbers - just in case of thunderstorms the morning of your tour. Rain the night before does not mean we cancel tours the following day.

Don't Forget The Camera – Memories will be made!


Please call or e-mail with your contact information, number of people in your group, times, dates, and any special needs.

After you schedule - Preparing for the big day!

  • Transportation - Confirm with bus drivers as to directions and time leaving. If parents are driving, please provide maps and specific times they need to arrive so your tour can start on time. See our website for a map to the farm.
  • Be sure to collect all tour fees from students, parents, siblings and any others coming to the farm before you arrive.
  • (During pumpkin season) Bring bags for your group’s pumpkins. We will put your pumpkins in the bags, with each child’s name on theirs. This will make your trip back to school much easier!
  • Hot Days - May require extra water for your group. Please plan accordingly. (We get our water from a well, and it is not approved for public use.) We do have bottled water available in the Barn for $1 a bottle.
  • Cold Days - Be sure students have appropriate clothing to stay warm. Also, remember, this is a real farm, so the proper clothing will help keep the children safe. Areas around the farm may be muddy even if it is not raining. We suggest long pants and old shoes be worn to the farm.
  • Your group may put lunch items in walk-in coolers in the Barn. This is across the parking lot from where you will each lunch.