Hybrid Slicers

Better Boy Fruits are extremely flavorful, with brilliant scarlet skin and flesh that’s juicy yet firm. Indeterminate
BHN 589 Bred for great flavor, it also boasts a complete disease-resistance package including crack-tolerance and offers very high yields. Large to extra-large attractive fruit have real tomato taste. Determinate.
Big Boy Hybrid Fruits are smooth blemish-free and uniformly round with thick meaty fresh. Indeterminate
Bush Champion Plant produces good yields of 12 oz red tomatoes. The tomatoes are very meaty and flavorful. The variety was bred to honor the 100th Anniversary of Ball Seed Company. Disease Resistant: VFFA. Determinate.
Celebrity Incredible set of flavorful, firm fruit on strong vines with good cover and disease resistance. Determinate
Champion II Hybrid Same desirable qualities and flavor of the original Champion tomato with even more disease resistance Indeterminate
Daybreak Medium-compact, space-saving vines grow unstaked as a bush, on short stakes or in cages. Determinate.
Early Girl One of the earliest slicing varieties. Red fruits average 4 - 6 oz, slightly flattened. Indeterminate Hybrid.
Heinz 1439 Although this variety is open pollinated, it is considered a hybrid. Tangy, rich, slightly sweet, great slicer. Heavy yielding. All purpose and perfect for canning and, you guessed it, ketchup. Determinate
Jet Star Early, compact, good flavor, and crack free. Large globe shaped fruit. Indeterminate
Martha Washington Great taste like the pink heirloom tomatoes with wider adaptability make it easier to grow under varied growing conditions. Globe-shaped pink fruit weigh from 8-16 oz. Indeterminate.
Mountain Delight Developed at NC State Univ. Plants are compact with high yields. Determinate
Mountain Fresh This is one of the most sought after Mountain varieties. Larger than Mt. Delight. Determinate
Mountain Glory This improved Mountain Spring type has extra disease tolerances to Fusarium 3 and Spotted Wilt Virus. Red fruit average 10 oz to extra-large Determinate
Park’s Whopper CR Improved Earlier and tastier than the original Whopper, with big red, 4” fruits that feature improved disease and crack-resistance, as well as uniform fruit size. Indeterminate
Super Sioux Perfect verity for hot and dry climates. Good tasting on the tart side. Good acid makes for good canning. Semi-Determinate
Rocky Top Produces high yields and extra-large sizes with a great eating quality. It has also shown to produce good fruit under greenhouse/high tunnel production conditions. Determinate

Heirloom Slicers

Abe Lincoln Produce brilliant red, round, medium-sized, 12 oz. tomatoes in clusters. A good disease resistant tomato. Delicious, rich slightly acidic tomato flavor. Indeterminate
Amana Orange This heirloom variety takes its name from Amana, Iowa, and features large, up to 5” in diameter, beefsteak-type, mild fruits of a distinctive orange color Indeterminate
Arkansas Traveler Hailing from the Ozark Mountains, these plants produces rich flavorful tomatoes. Deep pink when ripe, the round 6 – 8 oz. fruits are a balance of sweetness and tartness. Indeterminate
Azoychka Plant produces good yields of 8 oz. lemon yellow beefsteak tomatoes. This tomato is very sweet and flavorful with a hint of citrus. Excellent for sandwiches, salads, sauces, and gourmet dishes. An heirloom variety from Russia. Indeterminate.
Beefsteak Produces huge, delicious, ribbed fruit on vigorous vines. Grow in wire cages for best results. Indeterminate.
Big Zac Plant produces good yields of very large 6lb size tomatoes Indeterminate
Black Krim Fruits are a dark, deep red with heavy green shoulders. Interior is a deep, reddish-green color. Indeterminate
Black from Tula Rich tomato flavor that turns to dark reddish black with green shoulders. Perfect acid-sugar balance. Indeterminate
Box Car Willie Offers a very heavy crop of good-sized, smooth red tomatoes with delicious flavor. Indeterminate.
Brandywine Vigorous plants look like potato vines. Rose-pink fruits up to 1½ lb. Indeterminate
Brandywine Yellow Potato leaf vines produce large fruits. Excellent flavor and a creamy texture. Indeterminate.
Carbon Winner of the 2005 "Heirloom Garden Show" best tasting tomato award. The fruit are smooth, large, and beautiful, being one of the darkest of the purple types. Indeterminate
Caro Rich Large, beefsteak, 10 – 12 oz. fruits get their deep golden-orange color from their high vitamin content, particularly that of beta-carotene. Very low in acid for nice sweet flavor. Indeterminate
Caspian Pink One of the best tasting tomatoes on the market Indeterminate
Cherokee Purple Thin skin and soft flesh, somewhat perishable, but eaten quickly! Indeterminate
Delicious This really big tomato produces huge 1-to 3-lb fruit that are fairly smooth for a giant tomato, and as the name implies, these are delicious! In 1986 it set the world record for weight, with a giant 7 lb. 12 oz. fruit! Indeterminate
German Giant Produces an abundance of deep pink tomatoes that are huge and brimming with luscious flavor. The plant's potato-leaved foliage may remind you of Brandywine, but this one matures fruit that are earlier, larger, and more plentiful than those of Brandywine. Indeterminate
German Johnson Very large 1-2 lb. fruits are deep pink, very flavorful and nearly crack-free. The plants are very productive; the superb quality fruits are great for farmers' markets or home gardens. Indeterminate
German Pink Very large, very sweet, meaty tomatoes with few seeds Indeterminate
Giant Oxheart This well-named giant produces large, firm, meaty, heart-shaped fruits with thick walls, few seeds and a mild flavor.
Golden Jubilee A very popular orange variety; fine, sweet, mild flavor; good size and yield. An old standard. Indeterminate
Heinz 1439 This is a great variety for canning or processing because it puts out a concentrated set of tomatoes that you can pick all at one time. Very heavy yields of beautiful bright red, crack-resistant, 6 ounce fruit. Determinate.
Hillbilly Potato Leaf Produces good yields of large 2 lb orange-yellow beefsteak tomatoes with red and pink streaks. Very flavorful. Excellent for salads and sandwiches. A heirloom from West Virginia. Indeterminate.
Kellogg’s Breakfast Pale-orange fruits are solid and meaty throughout, packed with mild, superb-tasting flesh. Indeterminate.
Marianna’s Peace This large, potato-leaved dark pink tomato is fast becoming a favorite of gardeners across the country. The large, 1 to 2 pound pink-red beefsteak fruits have luscious, full tomato flavor that features a good balance of acidity and sweetness. Vigorous vines are very productive, which is special for a potato-leaved plant. Indeterminate.
Mexico The plants grow tall and steadily produce good amounts of large dark pink fruits. Not watery like some beefsteaks.
Mortgage Lifter Developed in the 1930’s by M.C. Byles in Logan West Virginia to help pay his home mortgage off. Indeterminate
Nebraska Wedding Produces huge, globe-shaped fruits of a deep orange color, weighing up to 10 oz. each. Determinate
Nyagous Produces good yields of baseball size black tomatoes. The tomatoes grow in clusters and are blemish-free! Suitable for home gardens and market growers. Indeterminate.
Orange Oxheart – Strong vines that yield large 3”, golden-orange, oxheart-shaped fruits. Meaty, with well-balanced flavor. Tremendous eye appeal. Indeterminate
Persimmon Orange Plant produces 1 - 2 lb golden-orange tomatoes. Mild sweet flavor, are meaty, and few seeds Determinate
Pineapple Extra large 2 lb yellow tomatoes with red streaks. Very flavorful and abundant all season. Indeterminate
Rutgers All-purpose variety, ideal for canning. Ripens evenly from inside out. Disease resistant. Indeterminate
Sioux Originally released by the Univ. of Nebraska - incredible flavor and reliably large harvests even in hot weather. Indeterminate
Striped German Huge, bicolored and ribbed fruit. Yellow with red starting at blossom end. Indeterminate
Virginia Sweets This is simply one of the best tasting, best producing gold-red bicolors we have ever grown. They are stunningly beautiful and enormous, weighing at least 1 pound each. Golden yellow beefsteaks are colored with red stripes that turn into a ruby blush on top of the golden fruit. Flavor is sweet and rich, and harvests are abundant. Indeterminate.


Amish Paste Bright red 8-12 ounce fruits vary in shape from oxheart to rounded plum. Delicious flesh is juicy and meaty, excellent for sauce or fresh eating. Indeterminate Heirloom
Banana Legs Paste-type fruits are meaty with few seeds and a good taste. Very prolific. Determinate Heirloom
Howard German Large harvests of 5-1/2 inch long, paste tomatoes that weigh about 5 oz. and are very meaty with a good, rich flavor. This is an old variety, extremely productive, and great for canning, paste, or sauces. Indeterminate Heirloom
Italian Gold Roma This is a great orange gold roma. Prolific! Seed has been somewhat hard to find. Determinate Heirloom.
LaRoma An excellent roma tomato known for its vigor and uniformity. Bright red, meaty fruits are large, 5 – 8 oz., and full of flavor. Disease resistant plants are very vigorous and produce fruit abundantly throughout the growing season. Determinate Hybrid.
Opalka Great for sauce because its fruits are far richer and more flavorful than most paste tomatoes. Indeterminate Heirloom.
Principe Borghese This is the variety that Italians have long favored for drying. Determinate.
Roma Most well-known paste-type perfect for sauces, pastes and catsup. Determinate
San Marzano From Italy. Compact and prolific producer of bright-red, slim 2-3”, fruit over season. A paste tomato with heavy walls and little juice. Crack resistant. Semi-Determinate Heirloom
Super Marzano A hybrid version of San Marzano paste tomato. Large, pear-shaped fruit are an average of 5” long. Indeterminate Hybrid.

Salad (small slicers)

Cluster Grande Very flavorful and holds up well after picking. These are the On-the-Vine type found in the supermarkets Indeterminate
Djena Lee’s Golden Girl A large golden orange fruit with a semi-thick skin. This tomato was developed by Djena (pronounced “Zshena”) Lee, who was part Native American and the daughter of Minnesota financier Jim Lee. The tomato’s intense orange color is very striking. It has an excellent balance of acid to sugar giving it a sweet yet tangy flavor. Indeterminate Heirloom
Fourth of July Hybrid Celebrate the Fourth of July with a plentiful harvest of vine-ripened red, luscious tomatoes. Produces plentiful 4 oz. tomatoes all season long. Indeterminate Hybrid.
Moskovich An early tomato that yields an abundance of red, cold-tolerant, fruits with a luscious, rich taste. Indeterminate Heirloom.
Super Bush Requires no pruning, staking or caging. Loads of large, meaty fruit all season long. Determinate Hybrid.
Yellow Stuffer Yellow tomato, shaped like bell peppers, are perfect for stuffing. Indeterminate Heirloom.
Green Zebra The light green flesh is very flavorful, sweet yet zingy. A favorite tomato of many high class chefs, specialty markets, and home gardeners. Yield is excellent. Indeterminate Heirloom.
Patio Produces large yields of 2” round red tomatoes. Excellent for small gardens or containers. Determinate Hybrid
Taxi The best yellow variety for short season. Bright yellow 4 – 6 oz. fruits are smooth and blemish free. Flesh is meaty, mild and acid free. Excellent fresh for salads, sandwiches or adds a nice splash of color to salsas. Determinate Heirloom
Wapsipinicon Peach Named after the Wapsipinicon River in NE Iowa, yield a tremendous amount of 1 - 2” delicate, fuzzy-like-a-peach juicy tomatoes Very sweet! Indeterminate Heirloom


Black Cherry High yields of black cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomato with classic black tomato flavor. Indeterminate Heirloom
Cabernet Rated very high with taste testers, this oval cherry did not crack even into the cool nights of the late season. The flavor stayed intact without becoming washed out. Indeterminate Hybrid.
Green Grape Short compact plants yield 3/4 - 1 inch fruit. Full of flavor, sweet and juicy, a real taste treat. Determinate Heirloom
Grape The fruits are bright red, weigh about an ounce, and are smaller than most cherry tomatoes. Semi-determinate Hybrid.
Jelly Bean Grape Charming, grape-like fruits are aptly named for their bite-sized sweetness and intense, red color. Indeterminate Heirloom.
Juliet Holds on the vine with less cracking than any other cherry tomato. Indeterminate. Hybrid
Merlot Incredibly crunchy and very sweet, these red grape tomatoes are a real treat! Hardy and tolerant to Early Blight. High yielder. Indeterminate Hybrid
Matt’s Wild Cherry Produces good yields of small ½" cherry tomatoes. These small cherry tomatoes are very sweet. Excellent for salads, salsa, and fresh eating. A variety from Mexico. Indeterminate Heirloom.
Mexico Midget Round ½" fruits give an incredible flash of rich tomato flavor, great for salads or selling in pints. Indeterminate Heirloom
Micro Tom Considered to be one of the world’s smallest tomatoes, with plants only 6 – 8” tall, bearing loads of flavorful 1 oz. deep red fruits. Great for windowsills or patios! Determinate Hybrid
Peardrops A semi compact yellow trailing plant that produces a strong trailing plant around 10 inches high with a trailing length of 16 inches. The juicy yellow elongated fruits have a full flavor and crop over a long harvest period. Determinate Hybrid
Red Current Big, bold, plants produce masses of teeny tiny fruit; and what flavor! Indeterminate Heirloom
Riesentraube Originating in Germany, this heirloom cherry tomato was grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch as early as the 1850s. The variety's name, fittingly enough, translates from the German as "giant bunch of grapes". Indeterminate Heirloom
Snow White Delightful ivory-colored cherry tomatoes ripen to pale yellow and are deliciously sweet . Indeterminate Heirloom
Sprite Produces large numbers of grape tomatoes with refreshingly sweet flavors. Determinate Heirloom
Sugary Super-sweet, juicy, 2 oz. fruits, with appealing, reddish-pink skins. Huge yields of oval-shaped, slightly pointed fruits set continuously in full sun. Indeterminate Hybrid
Sun Gold A positively luscious, bit-size golden beauty overflowing with an abundance of fruits. Very early. Indeterminate Hybrid
Sunsugar 60 days. Same excellent flavor as Sungold, but the fruits are much less prone to splitting. Indeterminate Hybrid
Super Sweet 100 65 days. Huge, multiple-branched clusters of very sweet fruit with high vitamin C content. Indeterminate Hybrid.
Tiny Tim Still one of the earliest most dependable, tree-like dwarf types for small garden or containers. Determinate Hybrid
Tumbling Tom Red Weeping habit trails 2 feet from basket ad tubs. Don’t have to worry about staking and cages
Tumbling Tom Yellow Weeping habit trails 2 feet from basket ad tubs. Don’t have to worry about staking and cages
Yellow Pear 78 days. Vines produce high yields of 2”, yellow-skinned, pear-shaped fruits with few seeds. Indeterminate Heirloom.

* Some varieties available on a limited basis. Call us with your special requests!